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Montessori Monday Moment-April 11, 2022: the sandpaper letters

The sandpaper letters are one of four original languages materials designed by Dr. Montessori. At the primary level, sandpaper letters are taught using "three period lessons." In the first period, the letters and the sounds they make are introduced; then they are traced with the fingers. This method of instruction is incredibly powerful, as the child is able to learn language visually, auditorily and kinesthetically, forming a fundamental hand-brain connection. In the second period, the child is asked to identify the sounds of the letters called by the teacher. Finally, the child is asked to "read" the letter by saying its sound. For this reason, Montessori children typically internalize the sounds of the letters before the names of the letters, allowing some to begin reading at an earlier age. Sometimes small objects are incorporated into sandpaper letters lessons, making them even more enticing!

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