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Christie Laramore

We LOVE Children’s Garden Montessori! The teachers are amazing. Over the last year, Joy and Gaby have helped my daughter learn so much and she has grown in confidence. And they love all their students so well. Very thankful for this school.

Lauren Procopio

Brandi is an incredible teacher. She has been teaching my children for the last 7 years. She loves the kids in her class like they are her own and is able to tailor learning to their individual needs. My son is autistic and has simply thrived with her. She goes above and beyond everyday for the children and inspires a life-long love of learning. My daughter went from her primary class to elementary school reading and doing math far above grade level. She still loves to come back and visit any chance she gets because when Brandi is your teacher, she is like family too.

Lynnlee Wotortsi

This has been the best learning experience for our child. The teachers are compassionate, knowledgeable, and engaging. I wish my child could stay at Children’s Garden forever!

The LeClaire Family

I was introduced to Jennifer 8 years ago via phone. Within minutes I knew that I wanted my son (entering first grade) to attend the school of which she was the leader of! Jennifer was gracious, professional and passionate about Montessori education for children. Her vibe was infectious! 

As we became members of the school Jennifer ran, I saw many times her joy over the children, her empathetic and determined leadership style with both her teachers and parents. Her ability to foster/create a family type of atmosphere on campus was evident. We truly appreciated this aspect so much. 

Because of Jennifer and her wonderful teaching staff, all four of our children have been (or currently are) enrolled in the Montessori Schools she is a part of!

Sara Campbell

We are so impressed with the quality of education and care that our daughter receives! She comes home doing so many things and wonder "where did she learn that?" Sure enough, when we get the weekly summaries of what they learned that week we realize she is doing things that are mentioned in the summary. Every day my husband mentions how happy is he with the school....he was a little hesitant about Montessori at first. He is sold now! We are so very grateful for all the hard work and clear intention that is put into every school day.

TB- Toddler Parent

Our family joined the Montessori toddler program 2 years ago and we continue to be impressed daily with our son’s growth. Joy and Gaby are amazing and feel like family. They use creative methods to keep kids engaged and spend time with them individually to teach to each child’s strength and areas for development. Our son has become very independent, shows a love to learn and is very expressive. 

I love that my son’s teachers not only care about his development but they also care about him as a child and us as a family.  Knowing this brings me peace at drop off. Seeing his smile at pick up is confirmation. 

Nikki King

Ms. Brandi Austin was my child’s teacher from age two to six. She was fully invested in my child developing a love for learning.  With her methods and devotion, this is exactly what occurred- he loves school, loves to read, and has a zest to discover. She empowers children to be independent. Her teaching strategies are full of love, patience, and kindness. She is driven with a passion for educating children during the most adaptable and formidable times of their lives.


My oldest daughter started her Montessori education with Joy and Gaby at 2 years old. I watched as my daughter's creativity and leadership qualities were nurtured daily in Joy and Gaby's classroom. She was happy and comfortable in her classroom from day 1, a testament to the love that is shown to each kid by these teachers and to the amazing classroom environment they create. It’s now 5 years later and they are teaching my 3rd daughter, introducing her to world of Montessori learning and fostering her great love of being busy with all things all the time. Our family feels beyond blessed that Joy and Gaby have been a part of our 3 daughters' lives in these young and formative years. They are an excellent teaching duo and exceed in teaching children of the toddler age. 

Brandi was pivotal in setting up our first daughter for her elementary years. She saw her strengths right away and fostered her independent nature. She allowed her to be a teacher and guide to her fellow students. Currently our oldest has aged out of Montessori and is excelling in her elementary school. Brandi is well known in her new school as our daughter brags on her often.  With our second child (a quiet wallflower at times) they have instilled within her a confidence that is beyond beautiful. Under their Montessori teaching (and in the fabulous classroom) our second daughter has begun to be vocal and outgoing. She’s embracing being her own person and starting to drive her own learning with her teachers' helpful guidance.  There is no doubt in my mind that she will continue to grow into herself as she finishes her time out in Montessori in their classroom.

Ashley Lorusso

Our family has been incredibly lucky to have had all three of our children taught by Ms. Brandi. After our first year with her, we never wanted our children in any other classroom. Under her wing, they excelled academically (reading and spelling words before their 5th birthdays!) and emotionally. To this day, when we ask them to name their favorite teacher they always say "Ms. Brandi!" Her calm, open and encouraging nature is exactly what children need to thrive.

 Lindsay Bartholomew

Brandi is an exceptional educator. She guided our two children through the Primary Montessori program and we are grateful for the knowledge and experience she provided them. Brandi is gentle, kind, patient and caters to the unique needs of each child she teaches. 
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